In development

By Lucia August 14, 2013


I’ve been trying to sit back and notice what customers do. In Burlington we have these tinted windows. And everyone was poking their head through the window to try to read our electronic menu board inside.

I have these awesome Montana acrylic paint pens. I thought it would be fun to use the windows as a menu board.

I made 4 columns:

In Development: I wanted to figure out a way to show that Burlington is special in the world of Clover, because it’s a test kitchen. Every time you go in, you’ll get the chance to taste stuff that is not anywhere else at Clover. Michael Sutton is the test chef there, and right now it’s all about sodas. He’s developing the soda program that will eventually roll out companywide. So if you go, you can try a killer lychee soda, or chocolate soda, or peach soda. I’m wondering if the “In Development” heading should be something we use at all our test kitchens.

Photo is thanks to a customer who tweeted it the other day.

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