CloverAQU is back!

By Lucia August 20, 2013


Yeah, that’s winter sky in the picture. Sorry for the delay, Aquarium folks. We were dealing with some staffing issues. Craig stepped up and is going to run the truck. You know him if you’ve eaten at the BU truck or the North End truck. He’s awesome, we love him, and he’s going to do a great job building the Aquarium site.

You can expect CloverAQU back in its normal spot, right on the Greenway on Atlantic and Milk Street near the New England Aquarium. We’ll be there for lunch Monday-Thursday. This also means that the truck at Government Center is back for breakfast and lunch on Fridays! Sadly we’ve decided to discontinue the 2-day BU site in favor of sites that can offer us more days per week.


Saturday/Sunday: catering (off-site)
Monday-Thursday: Atlantic and Milk St on the Greenway, 11am-3pm
Friday: Government Center, 8am-3pm

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