Gus makes Stay-Puft ice cream for Clover movie night

By Lucia August 26, 2013


There’s a great scene in Ghostbusters. After the EPA shuts down Ghostbusters, all the ghosts are released from their holding tank and into the city. And in one of the final scenes, the ghostbusters are asked to “name their destroyer.” They try hard not to think of anything at all.

But something pops into one of their heads: the Stay-Puft marshmallow man: “I tried to think of the most harmless thing. Something that could never destroy us.”

When I was a kid watching this movie, I felt sorry for the Stay-Puft. It seemed so friendly. And it doesn’t meet a good end. So we all ate this amazing chocolate marshmallow ice cream from Tosci’s while watching marshmallow goo cling to everything in New York. Our next screening is The Sandlot. Picnic meal tickets are available here. Any ideas for ice cream I can pass along to Gus?


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