Clover Nation

By Chris September 10, 2013


Rob does the food pack for all our locations. He’s the one responsible for making sure that each location gets exactly the right amount and right kind of food each day. It’s a big deal since we feed thousands of people a day.

At the very end of his shift (usually around midnight) he writes an email called “Pack Notes” to all the managers letting them know if there were any issues with their food pack.  It’s the first thing we all read at 5am. And usually it says something pretty boring, like “short on cheddar,” or “hummus will come on resupply.” From the beginning, Rob would sign off with these really inspirational closing notes. Here’s one we saved from back in March:

 Clover Nation stand up, and give yourself a round of applause because you greatly deserve it. Thanks for your help.

Rob’s been helping out with some handy-work too (check out the new red booths at HSQ, new shelving above the sandwich stations at Burlington and HUB). He loves to use his hands to build and fix things, something we both have in common. I’m not sure there is a mean bone in his body. I haven’t seen him do anything but smile for the past year.  We love having him on board.

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