2014 came early!!!

By ayr September 13, 2013



It is Friday 13th, 2013. But I feel like 2014 is already here. We’ve all been joking this is the most unlucky year ever. 2013. We had the Marathon Bombing, some awful weather (disastrous for food trucks), folks at Clover have had other things to deal with at home, there was that Salmonella scare (which we’re hearing may not have had anything to do with us after all). I was seriously thinking of telling everybody to stay home today as a risk mitigation strategy.

I came in against my best judgement. And it wasn’t 9am before my laptop was stolen. I set it down for a few minutes at Harvard Square while I helped Sara with some soda syrup (Ginger, it’s delicious). In all our time there we’ve only heard of 1 person having something stollen. Clover is a really safe place and I think most of us take that for granted. I tried not to feel to panicked. It’s not like my ENTIRE LIFE IS ON THAT MACHINE. Oh boy. I spent the ¬†morning changing passwords.

Megan didn’t want me to get on my motorcycle to ride up to Burlington, she was afraid the bad luck would continue.

But then 2014 came early. I got a call from an unknown number. And a customer, let’s call him “Bill,” was on the other end. He had my machine. I’m feeling amazing. Just awesome, right? Thought I was going to spend the rest of the day setting up a new machine. But now I’m back to work. Thank you Bill!!!!

Bill, asked specifically if I could please not mention this to our staff because he “comes all the time and loves Clover and doesn’t want our staff to be mad at him.” Don’t worry, I’m just really happy, not mad. And I hope changing your identity has made it OK for me to share this story. In fact I’m having a mug made that says 2014. It’s going to be a lucky mug. I’ll leave it at Clover HSQ all month. Bill, whenever you come for coffee ask for the 2014 mug, it’s on me. Thanks so much!

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