Clover movie night is a hot spot for dating

By Lucia September 13, 2013


We’re nearing the end of outdoor movie season (Or maybe not? It could be fun to do movies with blankets and hot cider this winter…?)

The Sandlot screens at CloverDWY this Wednesday 9/18. Purchase your picnic meal here, and we’ll have it ready for you when you show up. 

This picture is of Michael. We sold out of tickets for last month’s screening of Ghostbusters, but he wrote me this last-minute:

Hey, I was wondering if there was any way you could squeeze in two more people for Ghostbusters tomorrow night? I’m coming down to Boston tomorrow to see a friend and I really wanted to take her to the movie on a date. I’m used to outdoor movies in Philly that are just open to as many people as show up and I didn’t realize until this afternoon that I needed tickets! Could you help out a guy with a crush on a girl?

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