Return to McKinsey Boston Office

By ayr September 14, 2013


I was invited back to the McKinsey Boston Office, where I used to work, to talk about Clover. I don’t think I’d been in that office since I left. And given that McKinsey Boston is moving to new digs in a few months, I’m lucky I had a chance to go back. And of course, the best part was getting to see old friends.

I really loved my time at McKinsey. I feel fortunate to have been there. I’ll admit I entered McKinsey a bit cynical. I was looking for something to improve my resume for the business world. Before McKinsey my only experience was running labs. But that cynicism quickly fell away. I genuinely loved what I did and I learned a ton. Not just about business, but about myself. It was just great for me. And, McKinsey played a role in the creation of Clover, it was there that I gained the confidence to start Clover.

I talked about that stuff, as well as Betrous, the food truck operator who got me started, and all of the crazy things we’re tackling right now, and of course, about our wonderful customers : )

Sorry for the grainy picture. I forgot to get a good picture of everything and snapped this lame picture after the talk.

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