Asian eggplant sandwich launching Wednesday

By Lucia September 17, 2013


When Mike first started working for us, he said he had this awesome eggplant spread we had to try. He made it for the Clover Burlington opening party, and no one could stop eating it. It’s sweet, tangy, and if you ask me, it tastes just a little bit like lo-mein.

At first Mike thought this sandwich would have fresh kimchee in it, but after testing it at the test kitchen in Burlington and hearing from customers, we started thinking about something with a bit more body and texture. Mike suggested cauliflower. Roasted? Steamed? Fried!

We added pickled onions and watercress for some bite. And here’s the version you can try Wednesday at lunch. Use this post to leave your thoughts – there may be a version 3 in the works…

-Eggplant spread
-Fried cauliflower
-Pickled red onions



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