Concord grape whoopie pies this Friday

By Lucia September 18, 2013


Red Fire Farm brought us a little gift with their last CSA drop, and Enzo went crazy. He was telling me how special these few weeks in Massachusetts are, because it’s when we get to experience Concord grapes. This is a grape that was developed here in Concord, and went on to become the grape used in Welch’s grape juice, the first commercially processed juice, and then became the jelly in the first PB&J sandwich. Even though it’s named after Concord, most Concord grapes aren’t grown here anymore.

Which is why we’re featuring these everywhere while they last. You can expect Concord grape lemonade at all locations tomorrow.

And we’re going to have a special treat on Friday: Concord grape whoopie pies with Enzo’s homemade grape jelly. Come by after 5pm to celebrate Concord grapes!

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