Disintegrating Labels

By Lucia September 19, 2013


Chris found these cool labels. They disintegrate when you spray them with water. Right now we label all of our food with blue tape and Sharpie. But our dishwashers spend a fair amount of time peeling off blue tape, and the blue tape doesn’t do anything from a customer/branding standpoint.

We’re hoping we can get custom die-cut labels using this material. We could have a roll at each prep station, and employees could label the food with their name, date, and time. And we’d make them pretty, nothing like these scary labels that look like they belong in a hospital.

What do you think? Does anyone work in food and use these? In my limited experience it seems like most fine-dining places use blue tape, and I assume most fast-food places use pre-printed labels that come from a distant commissary.

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