Clover truck presides over marriage of former employee

By Lucia September 25, 2013


Lizzie worked with us one of the first summers at the CloverDWY truck. She wrote to us, said she was getting married, and wondered if we could be a part of her wedding weekend.

We brought the truck out to the suburbs for the rehearsal dinner. We set up shop in the driveway, and served sandwiches, fries, and Amaretto whoopie pies. It was really fun. Lizzie¬†kept saying “This was the best job I’ll ever have!” and looking wistfully at the truck. She even asked if she could hop on board to serve her own iced tea.

Thanks again for having us Lizzie! Don’t worry, we’ll always keep a spot open on the truck for you. We heard you were pretty fast on the chickpea station back in the day.


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