Sunday morning

By Lucia September 29, 2013


This was the aftermath this morning at the HUB. 96 muffins, 50 popovers, 30 peanut butter honey banana sandwiches, and coffee for 150 people. The food is heading over to MIT for their Hacking Arts conference. Later at lunch we’ll send 150 sandwiches and salads.

This was one of the biggest catering orders we’ve had, and it came in last-minute, but we were so psyched to be able to feed our friends at the Media Lab that we took it on. It was a challenge getting it staffed. I think as we take on more of these types of events Brett will need to have a little catering crew he can call at any moment’s notice.

But for today, Megan, Floyd, Brett and I welcomed Sunday by putting together the order. We use these Coffee boxes to send hot coffee for a crowd. There was a moment last night where we thought we were out of these boxes, so last night I kept dreaming I had to run to Dunkin Donuts and persuade them to sell us their empty Box O’Joes.

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