Meet brewing pioneers, Thursday 10/10, 8pm, at CloverHSQ

By Lucia October 4, 2013


Until REALLY recently, most local beer wasn’t actually local. Meaning it wasn’t brewed with local grain, local malt, or local yeast. But here in Mass, we’re on the forefront of a brewing revolution that’s changing all that. Andrea Stanley of Valley Malt and Chris Lohring of Notch Brewing are two of the pioneers pushing this forward.

Come to CloverHSQ (7 Holyoke) at 8pm on October 10 for the launch of Notch and Valley Malt’s latest collaboration, the Notch BSA Harvest Ale. This beer was made through the BSA (brewers-supporting-agriculture, kind of like a CSA but for brewers). Brewers pre-pay for fields of barley before the season starts, and when it’s harvested, Valley Malt turns it into malt.

The Notch BSA is almost ready, and we’re hosting the release party! The first 10 people at HSQ at 8pm will get a special grain gift from Valley Malt!

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