Paw paw dealer

By Lucia October 16, 2013


Neil tried the paw paw soda when we had it last week, and asked us if we had any paw paw seeds. He loved it so much he wanted to try growing his own paw paws. We should have saved some seeds, but we didn’t. And now our paw paws are all gone.

Which is why I was shocked when I saw Neil today in Burlington with a bag of paw paws. He had gone straight to an unnamed source. He was meeting a friend at Clover to pass off a few paw paws.

I thanked him for allowing Clover to be his “drop” (I’m not good at drug-dealer speak and I’ve only seen the first 2 seasons of Breaking Bad…is this the right term?) Anyway, it’s cool to see the paw paw craze growing. If you couldn’t make it to Clover for paw-paw mania, I found this place in Rhode Island that will ship you a paw paw for $22. And I’ve seen fleeting echoes of paw paws on the Internet, on the Facebook pages of a few farmers markets out in Western Mass.

Or you can meet Neil (if that’s his real name), he’s a regular here at CloverBUR.


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