Lucia and Jason drive into a Wendy’s

By Lucia October 17, 2013


CloverBUR is located at 100 Mall Rd, Burlington, MA. But customers kept telling us when they typed that address into their GPS, it directed them to Wendy’s in Burlington!

Jason (awesome employee) gave me a ride from the HUB to Burlington today, and we decided to follow Apple Maps up I93 into the suburbs. Sure enough, we found ourselves in the parking lot of Wendy’s!!! We have no idea why this is happening. (IF THERE ARE ANY CUSTOMERS FROM GOOGLE, APPLE, OR WAZE READING, CAN YOU HELP FIX THIS?!? We’ll buy you sandwiches for your whole life!)

But, since we were at Wendy’s anyway, I couldn’t resist buying Jason one of my favorite snacks from high school: a chocolate Frosty and an order of fries. (You dip the fries in the Frosty, obviously). The Frosty was just as amazing as I remember it. The fries were harder to stomach. It’s crazy how bitter they were. Not sure what that’s from, maybe the fry oil or whatever chemicals are part of the fries. Definitely did not taste like a potato.

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