Our Wendy’s problem

By Lucia October 18, 2013


I posted yesterday about our Wendy’s problem. And now I have proof of what it’s doing to us. When you type our address, “100 Burlington Mall Rd, Burlington, MA” into any GPS software, it takes you to Wendy’s.

A mom and her daughter and new baby came in this afternoon. They had been eating at Wendy’s when someone approached them looking for Clover. That person ended up giving up looking for Clover, and eating at Wendy’s instead. But it got the mom and daughter thinking…what’s this Clover place? And so they hunted us down.

This is actually a really funny portal. Kind of a throwback to when we didn’t publish the address of our original truck at MIT and it was an adventure to find us. I’m going to be kind of sad when it goes away (anyone reading who can help us?). But I think it means we’re losing a lot of potential customers!

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