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By Lucia October 21, 2013


You might have heard us talking about The Coffee Connection. I admit, I’m too young to remember it. This was the chain of 24 coffee shops started by George Howell back in the late 1970’s. George had been drinking coffee in Berkeley, CA at the original Peet’s Coffee, at a time and place where coffee was starting to be taken seriously alongside wine and food. When he moved to Boston, he realized everyone on the East Coast was drinking stale, weak, low-quality coffee, and he decided to bring a bit of the West coast philosophy (lighter roast, better relationships to growers) to Boston. Over 19 years, he built up The Coffee Connection to include 24 stores.

We’ve been doing a lot of education at Burlington to get everyone excited for the Howell visit. So I was really excited when I got this note from Jason, one of our Burlington employees.

I mentioned the George Howell event to my mom and said he founded the Coffee Connection. She immediately pulled this out of the back of a cabinet. Thought you’d like to see it!

If you want to meet the man who paved the way for great coffee in Boston, come to our tasting event THIS THURSDAY 10/24, 8:30am-10am. 100 Burlington Mall Rd. If you get lost, we’re one door down from Starbucks. I’ll buy breakfast for whoever can tell me why that’s significant…

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