Catch that excitement

By Lucia October 22, 2013


I heard some crazy statistic one time that said three-quarters of Boston residents had met Mayor Menino. (For the record, I haven’t met him, but I have it on good authority that he used to send his employees down to our truck at City Hall to grab lunch).

I was reminded of this when I was talking to customers about the George Howell event. A surprising number of people said, “Oh yeah, I’ve met him, I’ve been to his store, he’s so great! He got me so excited about coffee!”

It’s been cool to hear that after so long, and so many accolades and awards, he’s still super excited about coffee. It’s cool to hear that excitement spreading to everyone he meets. That’s a picture of George at Clover back when we first opened. You can meet the man this Thursday, 8:30am-10am at Clover in Burlington. We’ll have cider donuts and other fun surprises too.


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