Clover Kendall Week 2

By ayr October 25, 2013


Things are flying at Clover Kendall. It’s sort of staggering. Look at all those people and ladders. The electrical, HVAC, plumbing are all well underway.

We did much more advance planning for this project than others. So it’s snapping together really quickly. Ashling is our contractor, and they’re doing an amazing job. I’m getting weekly updates with pictures and a “look ahead” for the upcoming work. It’s making it very easy for me to manage this project.

The only potential issues I think we face are with the millwork. I need to get final specifications released for that today. Everything else seems to be on track. Our kitchen equipment has all arrived already. I ordered our TV screens yesterday. Our beer/ soda system is being ordered today. We’re looking good.

Next week we’ll start hiring for this location. Let your friends know.

I put together a little video tour of the space. I’m going to try to keep this up every week.

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