I just spoon-fed a child a Paw Paw

By Lucia October 26, 2013


Ayr was in charge of feeding paw paws to adults, but don’t KIDS deserve paw paws too?!

The Lawrence School, a public elementary school in Brookline around the corner from CloverBLV, had invited us to be a part of their Food Day Festival and share some food. My intern Emily and I arrived to the big gym laden with paw-paws. We thought they’d be perfect for this. They’re in line with our values (serving food that’s just-cut, local, in season, surprising folks with how good food can taste). Plus what kid wouldn’t want to eat a locally-grown alien? The paw paws were a huge hit.

It was fun for me to say hi to everyone in Brookline. I met the heads of the PTO, and folks who run the Brookline Teen Center. We brainstormed ideas for stuff Clover can do in Brookline. Weekly classes? Knife skills? Make your own cookbook? I think Brookline is going to be a really fun place for us to be.


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