Kendall Square Week 3

By ayr November 5, 2013


Construction at Kendall is moving really quickly. I’d say it’s a little surreal. We’ve been wanting to open a restaurant in Kendall Square for years, very patient, and now it’s happening so quickly.

Check out the video tour below. You can see some cool details as the space comes along. We already have plumbing and electrical inspections. Building inspector is today. Then the walls are going to be closed and it will start looking like a restaurant.

Check out the details in the space. Most of this will be seen by nobody, walls etc. that will be covered up. But the work on this job is so beautiful. The plumbing is spectacular. The electrical is super tight and clean.

I love this stuff. Furniture makers talk about the bottom or back of a drawer. Areas nobody will ever see. But many great craftsmen over the years have taken pride in these hidden spaces.  Sometimes the parts of us that nobody sees speak the most about who we are and how we see ourselves.

I’ll keep these tours coming. And stay tuned for hiring at Kendall, we’re about to start in earnest. And we’re going to start opening little windows in the storefront for you all to check out what’s happening.

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