Allagash White Beer Launch, Thursday, 8pm, CloverHSQ

By Chris November 5, 2013


We’re really excited to get Allagash back on tap. They were the first brewery that I visited with Clover. It’s nothing like any other local brewery that I’ve visited. They’ve had a lot of success in the past 18 years and have built on some impressive additions. One of the additions being a room where they age beer in old bourbon barrels.

When Allagash first started they made a White. They couldn’t give it away, now it’s 80% of what they sell!  Isn’t that crazy? It’s one of my favorite beers on the East coast.  The White is a Belgian style, unfiltered wheat beer with coriander and orange peel.

Matt from Allagash will be at HSQ tomorrow, 11/7 @ 8pm pouring it up and answering questions. Join us.

Beer Launch
CloverHSQ, 7 Holyoke St, Cambridge
11/7, 8pm

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