Sidehill Yogurt at Clover

By ayr November 5, 2013


Sidehill yogurt has been the best yogurt you can buy for a while now. And it’s driven me crazy we couldn’t buy it at Clover.

I think I first tasted Sidehill 4 years ago or so. It blew me away. It was just noticeably better than any other yogurt I could find, and I’d tasted everything. But you could only buy it in Western Massachusetts. You’ll think I’m crazy, but for my own personal use at home we actually stock up on Sidehill every time we’re back in Western Mass, and that’s pretty much all we eat at home. But I had no way to get it into Clover.

I love yogurt. As a kid I remember we’d get yogurt with fruit in the bottom as treats when my parents were grocery shopping. My parents are teachers, and at the end of what I’m sure was a long day for them, they’d take us to painting classes in Brattleboro, VT, the closest town to where I grew up. After classes we’d go shopping for groceries at a Co-op there. One of the families in the school sold the co-op tons of stuff and would always have volunteer credits that they would barter. So we could shop there even though we didn’t have time to do the work hours. It was always late, and now as a parent I can understand that we were probably tired, and I’m sure didn’t make an already long exhausting day any easier for my parents. They’d usually get us one of 3 treats to occupy our attention while they bought groceries for the week:

– A bagel (which felt pretty exotic to us back then)

– Rice dream (a frozen ice cream sandwich that I think is made from rice, not dairy)

– Yogurt with fruit on the bottom

I have no idea what the brand of yogurt was and it may have been pre-Sonyfield. But I loved it, and I’ve loved yogurt since. Real yogurt. Tangy yogurt. No sugar. No guar gum. No stabilizers. No added milk solids. No chalky added vitamins. Just smooth tangy real yogurt.

Sidehill found us after the whole shut down earlier this year. They read about what we were doing, and how we were being so transparent about everything, and they reached out. When we re-opened they visited a restaurant and reached out saying they loved what we are doing. I told them I’ve loved what they’re doing for years, and a few conversations later we’re going to be selling their yogurt at Clover. I couldn’t be happier.

Try the new Yogurt, Granola, Fruit cup and let us know how much you love it, we’ll pass your comments to Paul and Amy (pictured above).

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