Timecard overhaul

By ayr November 16, 2013


When we got started we did some really clever things to make scheduling super streamlined. When I was working at Burger King and Panera I noticed the managers there would spend hours a day on scheduling. It seemed like it was most of what they did. I was determined to find a better way.

We developed an approach that was pretty radical at the time. We required all employees to create a gmail address when they joined. We then had them share with us a calendar that listed their availability and preferences. Once a week our managers would sit down and use the shared Google Calendars to schedule everybody. It took 1 hour. From 4-5 hours/ week to 1 hour/ week. It was a big deal and let our managers invest more time and energy in the food instead of mechanics of running a restaurant.

So fast forward 4 years and now we’re facing more subtle challenges. Like managing roles by training level. Or notifying staff about open shifts. And wanting to use an iPad. Yeah, Apple and Google aren’t playing so well together right now.

And the world of solutions has evolved. ┬áThere are now Cloud-based staff management systems. So we’re putting into action one called “When I Work.” We’re piloting at Harvard Square right now, and it’s been awesome. We’re really excited about what it brings. And we’re using a new clock in system. And new payroll. Bye bye ADP. Hello ZenPayroll. Life is going to be much better integrated, better managed, data more real-time. I couldn’t be happier.

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