Temporarily out of tempeh

By Lucia November 17, 2013


At least I get to make that pun! OK, let me clear up some rumors.

We screwed up and forgot to order tempeh from UNFI. Tempeh is the smoked soy product we use in place of bacon on our Soy BLT sandwich. It’s one of the only items we don’t prep ourselves from scratch. We get it from Light Life in Western Mass or Soy Boy in New York.¬†Instead of ordering it every day, we order it once in a while, and run through it. But there’s a long turnaround from when you order it to when you get it. And we just forgot to order it. It’ll probably be out for the next 2 weeks.

The temporary exit of the BLT is giving us the chance to experiment with something we’ve wanted to do for a while: having 2 seasonal sandwiches on. Starting Thursday you can expect to see two BRAND NEW Clover sandwiches gracing the menu. If anyone needs to form a BLT support group, use the comment section to find each other. Then come and try the Pushpir and the Brussels sprouts + smoked cheddar sandwich.

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