It’s almost a freezer

By ayr November 20, 2013


Vegetables and fruit taste best when the time between being harvested, to being cut/ cooked, to eating is as short as possible. When the stars align we can get this cycle as short as 8 hours, and you get to taste something amazing. About 60-80% of our food is served within 12-24 hours of being made. If the food we’re serving you was cut more than 48 hours ago we feel like we’ve screwed something up.  Crazy, right? We get 2-3 deliveries of produce a day to keep it really fresh. In manufacturing this is called Just In Time, an approach that minimizes inventory. In our industry Just In Time means we’re serving better tasting food, which is awesome.

So where does the freezer come in? It doesn’t. We’ve been freezer free since we left a shared kitchen facility in Jamaica Plain back in 2010 (we used their freezer for our ice and bread).

Recently we bought this blast chiller. And I think it’s the closest we’ll get to a freezer. We’re using it to rapidly cool our food. It lets us cut the cooling time for something like hummus from hours to minutes. That means we can make it up closer to the time we ship it out to the restaurants and trucks. Which means this blast chiller is helping us cut down on that time between harvest, preparing, and eating. Yum.

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