Meet the Brussel

By Lucia November 20, 2013


Ayr came up with our latest seasonal sandwich, and we rolled it out today after a day of testing at CloverHSQ. I’m so excited. Here’s what we are working with so far. The sandwich starts with a riff on aioli (sour cream, garlic, a little mayo, and dijon mustard). Then we add 2 thin slices of smoked Grafton cheddar, a big handful of deep-fried MA Brussels sprouts tossed with Za’atar, a touch of our pickled cabbage, and a sprinkling of hazelnuts we toast.

Here’s why I like this one:
-It’s rich, hearty, plays around with smoky flavors (the smoky flavor note is something we just started doing a little bit more, ex: smoked paprika on our platters).
-It’s a nice deviation from our usual Middle Eastern-inspired sandwiches (that Dijon spread – do we sense a hint of French cuisine at Clover?)
-totally colorful and uses primarily local ingredients (cabbage is from MA, brussels from MA, cheddar from VT)

The response has been amazing, but it’s not perfect yet. We’ll make final tweaks based on what you thought today. So help us get this sandwich to perfect. Use this space to tell us what you think.

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