Initial bathroom designs for Kendall

By Lucia November 22, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 8.24.40 AM

We met with Ernesto to talk about ideas for signage. Ernesto is a designer and a good friend of mine from college, and he worked with us one summer on the Dewey truck. He has a really special sense of humor. I asked him to come up with some playful, risk-taking ideas for bathroom signage, inspired by the bathrooms Ayr saw at IDEO many years ago.

You don’t normally see anything fun relating to bathrooms. We had tried something kind of fun when Harvard Square first opened. We put up an email address (something like in the bathrooms that customers could email if the bathrooms needed attention. For whatever reason, it didn’t really stick.

Ernesto came up with an idea to put a tag that customers can hand to employees if the bathroom needs attention. What do you think?

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