FoodEx (like FedEx, get it?)

By ayr November 23, 2013


That’s my little haul from the farm stand at Sidehill farm the other day when my family and I stopped by to visit the place our new yogurt is being made. It was all delicious. And yeah, those 2 “milk” jugs do say “cream.”

Sadly the Sidehilll farmstand is a long drive from Boston, about 2 hours, out in Ashfield, MA. Thankfully they’ve started working with a distribution company called FoodEx. FoodEx is run by JD,¬†one of 2 JDs at our first home, Nuestra, now called Crop Circle Kitchen. It’s a shared facility in the Sam Adams Brewery Complex over in Jamaica Plain. That’s where Clover got started.

In addition to running Crop Circle JD runs this local distribution company called FoodEx. We haven’t had occasion to use their services in the past, but I just found that our Sidehill yogurt, the yogurt we’re so so excited about, is coming to us via FoodEx. Crazy, right? Sometimes the world comes full circle.

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