Goodbye Sara

By Lucia November 26, 2013

Sara bye bye

Sara’s last day at Clover was today. She’s going home to California to be with her family. We’ve all been sad for weeks. We’re not ruling out a CloverCAL, a CloverLAX, or a CloverNAPA, which Sara could run.

Sara was hired at HSQ in 2010, given two hours a week working drinks station. Enzo saw potential in her and hired her on the MIT truck. Three years later, she’s leaving as the General Manager of the Harvard restaurant. She’s mentored tons of people. Some of our up-and-coming leaders (hey Hasani and Jack W!) are here because of Sara. She’s lifted the spirits of every customer she’s met. And don’t even get me started about the baked goods she’s brought in for employees over the years. I’m pretty sure she’s never made an enemy.

I first met Sara back at the MIT truck. At that time, Sara and I were closing the truck and another employee was opening the truck. That employee got fired, and Sara was sad about it, and apparently I said something like, “Sara, everyone is replaceable. Even you. Even me.” I’d like to use this post to retract that statement. Not everyone is replaceable. I’m pretty sure we’ll never find another Sara!



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