Brussels sandwich shortages

By ayr December 3, 2013


A quick update on the Brussels sandwich. First, sorry we’ve been running out of the Brussels sandwiches at various locations. It has proven much more successful than we anticipated and we’re playing a bit of catch up. A recent Yelper wrote:

I liked the brussels sprouts sandwich (seasonal) so much I’m Yelping and I haven’t even finished eating it. Crispy fried/seasoned brussels sprouts, red cabbage slaw (same as used on the chickpea fritter), cheddar cheese, and some herby creamy spread. Mmmmmm.

Thanks all for the feedback. We’ve been hearing great things from so many folks. Brussels sprouts have always been one of my favorite foods, and it’s great to hear them being talked about lovingly instead of being the butt of a joke.

It’s going to be even better with the new bread. Our oven is still delayed by State permitting, but we’re working on it. In the meantime we found a baker in NJ who has MUCH BETTER bread than we’ve currently been using. We’re getting our first shipment tomorrow, so look for it later this week.  We can’t wait!

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