Kendall Tour Week #6

By ayr December 3, 2013


That’s Frank showing off his welding skills. Bare with me as I explain. The city requires a grease trap on our vegetable sink (even though vegetables don’t have grease). And the floor at this restaurant is structural, which means we can’t cut through it. So the grease trap has to be above the ground. And the grease trap is huge. I don’t know why, but it’s really large. So we had to move the vegetable sink away from the wall to make room for the grease trap. During lunch we cut potatoes into this sink to soak for french fries. So the fry cutter has to drop into the sink. And since the sink is now away from the wall this is a problem. Frank solved this by welding a support himself. He was super excited to show me his work, and it’s a perfect solution to our problem. I love his can do attitude and willingness to take problems hands on. Thanks Frank!

And here is the latest tour. We’re getting very close. Waiting for electricity and gas.

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