Organic Dragon Whiskers Tea, Zhejiang Province, China

By Lucia December 10, 2013


We have some beautiful teas from Tea Trekker. I took home some of the Dragon Whiskers green tea. The reason this tea is called Dragon Whiskers is because the leaves are silvery-green wiry strands, just what you might imagine emanating from a dragon’s beak. When you steep the leaves the way we do (180 degrees for 2 minutes), the whiskers unwind into soft, light green strands.

Our tea importers, Bob and Mary Lou Heiss, who literally wrote the book on tea, tasted this at the Guangzhou Fangcun Tea Market in China, and loved it so much that they added it to their catalog immediately, and sent us some for you to try.

You can taste this starting today at CloverHSQ, 7 Holyoke St. We’re also selling bags of the tea to take home or give as gifts. And we have a whole retail wall with information and accessories relating to tea (including Bob and Mary Lou’s book and some really awesome glass tea thermoses).

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