The media descends on Clover Kendall

By Lucia December 15, 2013

IMG_photographer did a feature on Clover Kendall. We’re all Eater addicts so we were thrilled that they covered our opening. You can read the article here.

Megan, the Eater photographer, wanted a shot of the restaurant empty. It was a bit of a rush getting the restaurant empty at 3pm the night before opening. Ashling had hired a cleaning crew, and they weren’t quite finished polishing the windows. There were still ladders everywhere.  I felt like I was a production assistant on one of those home makeover shows like Trading Spaces, trying to hide anything that was out of place.

Luckily I am good at finding hiding places for things. When this photo was taken, the women’s bathroom contained a toolbox, an 8-foot vinyl stencil, an assortment of paint pens and cleaning products, and a lot of backpacks and coats.

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