3pm special: Platanos

By Chris January 1, 2014


We ran tostones a couple of weeks ago. It’s a ripe, starchy green plantain that is fried twice. When we ordered a couple cases from Russo’s, they came in yellow. ┬áRight in the middle of what we wanted.

Green plantain = starchy (perfect for tostones)
Yellow = half starchy / half sweet (perfect for nothing)
Black = sweet (perfect for platanos)

We put the yellow plantains in the corner and let them ripen for a couple of weeks. Now they’re perfect to use for platanos. All the starches have converted to sugar. We fry them up once and they turn a deep brown color because the sugars caramelize in the fryer. We toss them with a little salt and Aleppo pepper. You can try yours with a Carrot Soda, a new recipe we’re working on.


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