Verve Coffee: Honduras, La Mina

By Chris January 18, 2014


Verve is a roaster from Santa Cruz, CA. Since it’s on the West Coast it makes my job a littler tougher ordering stuff on an “as needed” basis. The journey across the US takes a little longer than some off our other roasters from the Midwest or New England so I have to anticipate a little bit, but we can still execute what we’re doing with coffee: amazing coffee, just roasted, fresh ground, poured to order. Verve nails all of that.

Verve is roasting a Honduran coffee from La Mina.  It’s a little different than most Central American coffee beans that we see. They are usually all medium-large sized beans.  This coffee has some of the tiniest beans I’ve seen all the way up to medium-large beans. Ask your order-taker to see them next time you’re waiting for your cup to be poured.  The coffee pours up with some very light tartness in the initial sip with some deep fudge/cocoa notes in the middle and finish.

This Honduran will be next to Barismo for the next 4 weeks. Ask us for a sample and to see the beans!


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