George Howell: Kenya, Gachatha

By Chris January 29, 2014


Our food development process extends to coffee. First off, we don’t serve a coffee until we’ve visited the roaster personally and love what they’re doing. There are only 10 or 12 roasters in the country who meet that standard. Second, we go through a sampling process where we taste all the coffees a roaster is currently featuring. We pick a coffee we think is awesome, one we’re excited to share with all of you.

The Howell on our counter is the result of a relationship we’re really proud of. George Howell basically wrote the book on specialty coffee. And his African coffees have been amazing. Remember the Borboya from this fall?

This month we’ve picked a Kenyan for you to try. Kenya, Gachatha: High elevation, traditionally washed, light sweet and tart notes. We’ll be offering samples all week. 

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