Ayr is missing

By ayr February 10, 2014



I’ve done a terrible job posting almost this entire year. We’re super lucky we have Lucia, because I just haven’t been sharing our stories.

Sorry. This isn’t the first time in Clover’s history this has happened. We like to think of this website as a complete record of our adventure. The truth is there are swaths of our past that are just blank.

The worst thing is that it’s when we’re doing the best work that I post the least. This past 6 weeks has been a whirlwind, we raised some bridge financing to support a new growth strategy, we built and opened Kendall which going gangbusters, we closed HSQ for the first time since it opened for a facelift, we’ve entirely changed our falafel recipe, we’ve launched 2 of our most successful sandwiches ever (alongside the Enzo), I’m trying to hire a VP of Operations, and I’ve been down to DC a bunch developing our next 2 restaurants, I’m developing new to-go/ take-home packaging. Big things have been happening.

So I’m back, on the blog at least. I’ll be putting out one story a day for the coming weeks trying to make up for my absence.

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