Clover packaging

By ayr February 20, 2014


As you know, we’re working on packaging for WFM and for use in our restaurants. I’ve been snapping references from others. This one was taken in DC. It’s a restaurant down there that sells “dips and spreads” at various places. I think they do well with this. We’re trying to think how to use traditional packaging (which will help us avoid waiting or a special run etc.). But we want to end up with packaging that is Clover feeling and beautiful.

I think we’ve achieved this in the restaurants. Our paper bags are beautiful, and I think they convey exactly what we need them to. But they’re the most ubiquitous simple paper bag out there. Likewise our cups aren’t particularly special, we print in a single color ink, it’s even free from our manufacturer. But I think they’re stunning, especially the cold cups.

If anybody has any packaging references they love and think could be inspirational to us send our way!

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