Next generation of Clover T-shirts

By ayr February 21, 2014



You may have seen me at HSQ the other day with a tripod taping pictures to the wall. I was preparing for our next round of T-shirts.

Typically I keep the next secret design super secret. This time I’ll let you in on what I’m working. I’ve been collecting customer art on the walls at Clover restaurants. We’re going to use a few of these for our next round of T-shirts. I love that they’re so diverse from a design standpoint.

Long-run the plan has always been to make our T-shirts a canvas that artists could use. I haven’t figured out how to manage that type of broad collaboration without a lot of work, and to be honest I don’t know who the great artists are. But I’m hoping someday we find a way to curate that. In the meantime this is an awesome first step.

BTW — if anybody knows the artist behind this picture let us know. We’d love to give him/ her the first T-shirt.

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