Peak Simcoe

By ayr February 23, 2014


We just tasted this year’s Peak Simcoe. This is a beer we ran last spring and people loved. Peak buys the entire supply of organic simcoe hops. I’ve heard this is a bit controversial in the industry, because others would like some of those hops. But Peak is the largest organic brewer and maybe they’ll help develop the market for organic hops. In the meantime, you’re going to have to hit Clover this spring to get some of these. (Right now we’re running BBC Rasberry, until it runs out, and Allagash White at HSQ, Pretty Things Meadowlark IPA at Kendall Square.)

Simcoe was first sold in 2000 by a farm in Washington State. It is used for both bitterness and aroma. It has a ton of a certain essential oil: myrecene which is responsible for a lot of its properties.

It smells awesome and tastes so great. We’ll be bringing it in soon.

(Oh yeah, and for those of you who are super observant, that is a garlic peel there. This was the same food dev meeting where we were considering garlic sources as discussed in a recent post.)

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