Idle Hands down

By ayr February 24, 2014


We taste new beers every week at our Food Dev meeting. I think this is the 3rd time we’ve tried Idle Hands over the years. I think they started a couple of years ago. They’re based in Everett, and available in local stores and I think they have a tap room if you want to check them out.

They’ve been really really small. They’re still tiny, even by our standards. But we’re thinking it may be time to explore a relationship. I always feel the best way to see what somebody thinks about food is to see if they eat it all. You can see from this photo we’re loving the Idle Hands.

FYI: At food dev meetings we taste food as well as beer. If you have something you think we should add to the menu, bring a sample by: 3pm on Tuesdays at the HUB. The recently added Beet Sandwich is a customer creation.

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