Wanted: graphic designer

By ayr February 26, 2014


We need a local graphic designer. We’d love this to be an in house role someday, but for now we’re looking for somebody who can help us freelance. We’ve worked with great people in the past but other work, or distance or other factors have just gotten in the way. We’ll pay competitively, but we need the right person.

(Edit: Applications are now closed).

If you know somebody you think may be interested send them our way.

In a couple of days we’ll gather up the responses and set up an interview day.

I think the ideal would be somebody who is an artist with technical skills. I’d love to find somebody with vision who could move our visual communication forward. We’re going to need a range of things designed:┬áT-shirts, packaging, merchandising, signage, in-store-communications, posters, promotional cards, some stuff I haven’t thought of yet.

Thanks all!

(wondering what the picture is? that’s some of the crazy “cat bug” art on the wall at the HUB. if you haven’t seen them there are a ton and they’re nuts. I think Antoria’s starting to spread them because I saw one at KND today)

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