3pm special: Winter Moon Roots Crudite

By Lucia February 27, 2014


We’re trying to make the crudite thing stick, but it’s a tougher sell than some of our other 3pm specials. We’ve been working on the art of convincing with this one.

Maybe it’s the fact that the majority of this item is not fried, or maybe it’s the foreign sounding name (WordPress keeps auto-correcting the poor name to “credit”). Some of you have tried this and become Crudite insiders, and you’re ordering it every day. Others of you are smiling and nodding when we describe it, and then asking when the apple fritters will be back. But we’re not giving up. We challenge you to come by at 3pm special and give Crudite a chance.

CLOVER WINTER MOON ROOTS CRUDITE (all vegetables from Hadley, MA)

-Pickled Winter Moon Roots beets (they taste like candy)
-Pickled Winter Moon Roots carrots
-Fresh Winter Moon Roots watermelon radishes (they are the most beautiful root on the planet: bright magenta with a light green rim)
-Clover pita chips
-Hungarian smoked cheddar dip

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