Surprise! Clover Alewife launches Monday!

By ayr March 14, 2014


We’ve played with the idea, but we’ve never really had a truck dedicated to an office park outside of the city. Welcome Clover Alewife (@cloverALE). There is no area that’s had more requests for a Clover truck. And we couldn’t be happier to make this announcement:

Weekdays, 11am – 2pm

$4.67 Chickpea Fritter Sandwiches (we’re rolling prices back to 2008 where we started)

VECNA Parking lot

We’re starting MONDAY, 3/17/14. Sorry for the really late notice. We were waiting on licensing stuff which is now cleared up. This happens to us a lot and makes our launches seem sloppy. Sorry guys. The only alternative is to wait a couple weeks to build up suspense, but we’d rather be making sandwiches.

Please let all your friends know. We can’t wait to see you Monday. This will be truck #2 for the 2014 season. We’re launching one every 2 weeks until May.

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