Brookline Mezze Experiment

By ayr March 19, 2014


We’re trying to figure out what Clover would look like inside of Whole Foods. Our friends there approached us early last summer to consider partnering on some exciting ideas. You may remember we hired IDEO a month or so ago to help with packaging.

Now we’re tackling the customer experience. And we’re Clover, so that means asking you all for help.

Today we launched a short term experiment at Brookline Village. We’re trailing a Clover Mezze Bar. We’ve been lucky enough to pick up some great ideas already. The plates are looking beautiful. It’s all really exciting.

I’d wanted salads to be a larger part of Clover since very early. I never knew how to make that happen. But this new idea is really beautiful. We’ll share more details and learning as we progress…


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