Kimlee’s whoopie pie development

By ayr March 20, 2014



Kimlee runs prep at Harvard Square. She’s been doing an amazing job. I believe that food tastes great when it’s made with love. Some of you may think that sounds cheesy when you read that, but I’m dead serious. There are so many minute decisions you make when you’re working with food, tiny little decisions. And if you don’t care, if you’re not making something with love, it’s rare you’re going to find the right combination of decisions that results in something beautiful.

Think to the best meals you’ve ever had, I bet they had a huge helping of love. I know my best food memories are meals my father or grandmother cooked, or pies my mom made, a meal Brooke made for me, or snacks shared with my sister Asa and brother in law/ best friend Alex. Love.

Kim supports my theory. She cares deeply about the food she’s working, and it’s beautiful as a result. For example, she cuts your tomatoes for the cucumber tomato salad by hand everyday, because it tastes better than using the machine. We’re all really lucky to be working with Kim.

These whoopie pies were made on Tuesday, not the day we typically do whoopie pies, specifically to test a new recipe. We loved the chocolate chocolate, and you can look forward to buying boxes at Clover Harvard Square (HSQ) in the near future. Thanks Kim!

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