Olive oil that tastes great

By ayr March 27, 2014


Chris had a big cat grin on his face at this past food dev meeting. He finally found us some delicious olive oil.

I read this book about olive oil the other year. Most of it is phony, it contains oils that are not from olives. It’s been treated with heat, over processed, over filtered. And it’s old, oxidized. This all means it doesn’t taste as great as it could and should.

And when you’re buying large quantities it’s even harder. Restaurant olive oil is just terrible. Worse than you can imagine. We’ve tried them all and most have been terrible. We’ve used the best we could find, which wasn’t great.

Then Chris brought this box in. It’s awesome. The distributor works for the farm. It isn’t the best olive oil I’ve ever had, but compared to that stuff with the phony flags not he label, it’s just nothing the same. I mean the difference is really dramatic. This is so fantastic. Now I’ve got a dumb smile on my face.

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