That’s Yo-Yo Ma, really

By ayr April 26, 2014


We had an event at Clover HSQ the other night with the Harvard Innovation Lab and the Silk Road Ensemble. Yo-Yo Ma was there, which was really exciting for all of us who love his music. And they were filming a documentary about the work he does with Silk Road.

Azeb is an order taker at Harvard Square and helped out with the event. When everything was wrapping up she mustered the courage to ask Yo-Yo for a signature. I thought that would be a fun picture to take. But when I got home to show evidence of meeting Yo-Yo to my wife I laughed really hard. I did a terrible job with this picture. Look, that could be anybody! And it’s the only photo I took. I guess Azeb has the only real evidence he was there : ) Hopefully Yo-Yo loved our food and will be back soon.

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