CloverWTR launches

By ayr April 29, 2014


Yesterday I joined Julian and James to launch the newest addition to the Clover fleet at the Arsenal Mall. We’re going to call this one CloverWTR (Twitter, etc.). These were our first customers. And by the smiles on their faces you’d have no idea I made them wait around for 20 minutes before they could order. We should be smoother than this. And the last launch, CloverDWY, was like silk. But yesterday we weren’t at our best. We left the fry cutter back at the HUB by accident, our iPods weren’t set up, and there were a few other little details (mostly my fault) that made the open a bit late. Sorry guys!

But really the wait has been longer than you know. The Arsenal came on my radar back in 2009 or so when A123 Systems moved there. I’ve always thought the Arsenal and Alewife would both be awesome sites to operate and have been actively working to develop those sites over the past few years. And now we’re getting to test both. Sometimes the best things are worth the wait.

By the way, wondering about our names? We started that back in the beginning. Especially with the trucks, I thought we would need a simple 3-letter call name for our locations. I recently found this is common for wholesalers/ distribution warehouses when we visited Whole Food’s commissary. We started using those names (MIT, HSQ, DWY) throughout the company. And like most things we do we decided to include customers in our inner workings. This site was particularly hard, with some offering not very helpful suggestions (I think you can imagine what they might be). I hope everybody is proud of where we landed: WTR.


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